my story – how Facebook,Twitter, You tube ceos, shareholders, had admin to cause death, injury suffering to life


In 2009, joining a Michael Jackson hoax site, I found a person whom Called Martin Zimmerman, in Germany, whom was used to handle extract information, time money, and SEO experiences, I was asked to write a love story, as ghost writer for his secret wife, and their secret love child.   However to my shock I ended up as psychic Medium Channelling, his whole Fraud, Fake Death to discover he is main admin to said platforms, including Bitchute and GAB, claiming free speech, but threatening the lives, of customers, Whom like myself, promoted their Business MEDISPA mine was called.

I copy righted this picture he gave from his computer from Email, Martin Laura Viewed, with his wife Trying to Black mail me, in hate Crime.

In Bulgaria Where he was hiding and Martin Zimmerman, and myself made contact, Martin Dare not ask him about his Clones, and he Actually raping children, instead Michael  Jackson attacked me on email, rather admitting Truth front God, So  attacked me, And lost me in 2009 Blame Martin that point, but he not posing as Russian Women, or when using @fannymichael yrs ago so no lying.   Since that date his, wife has Extorted money using A guy in Twitter, So I like that Returning, They used Father my boys to Take money, cars, Furniture, Eat my food, come into my home, lie about me.

Left me for Dead in my house after microwaving my heart numerous Times, Laura did not care through Facetime when GCHQ watched her, cold un sympathic heart, so she can claim how She really loved me, when She was involved in This Bastard below stealing my life for 10 yrs, I like to take his estate, Sony, TMZ or any his shares he got left to pay as ex film Director, For theft of my galactic UFO info last ten yrs, Fooling people. If estate lawyer lies, we have him struck off Barr Association of lawyers.


Nasty Evil shit, cost NSA 20 trillions dollars, To house Fake accounts, Worthless PLC on stock market in the end. Cant murder people, think It will be sorted, he murdered my mother,  Jackson’s, if you lie or harbour him, the authorities in Britain, Will find him and his un-registered Clone child on stock market.


IF Michael Jackson Wants to hide @mrmrsmichaels_ or his @frontback777 or his @yourtendersmile or his own #michaeljackson account, Then we prosecute his wife, we let you know they both reptilian aliens like #trump, so her Majesty would like people to know truth rather you cobra #qanon spouting peoples private business listening, as pedo to families looking at children over Ipads, or computers or phones, very sick NSA of your terrorists for US gov, explain why you could not get your #disney Deal in Russia, yes, that right, your wife, was already stalking killing kids prior to 2012, and you both fucked up, stalking me stalling for yrs, to save your own life, but kill families children.  Public Figure his handler, whom makes no sense, Copies Writers, Authors, and people’s ideas not yours Sweetie, but till your old lady, I don’t care how long it takes to see you locked up, facing the public like your husband you said, in @mjrealfacts he is a Pedo, plus she said she wanted something on Vladimir Putin to frame him, she banned his accounts in twitter, and her Majesty in Facebook, bit dumb of the admin of platforms, CEO’s oh and mj wife said, Vladimir putin Raped kids, So he can prosecute cobra, Q anon public Figure wife. Well your clone has to be pimped by US gov as Escort Toots Crack Black mails men, hun, So don’t you call me names via V2k or see me do it to your brain, thank you.  Note your words, in 2012 under oath, your trained in mkultra to kill people, Well told you yrs ago, Jesus will seek his justice for every lie you told about me in ten yrs, looks like your other daughter I vision see, as teenager, will know her mummy sent her to private school, to do all this work, stealing people’s info threatening them, so which Government other than US, are you working for? and responsible other than US gov, is Germany going to take responsibility with them seeing your crime over social media over the yrs, and all news groups.

Dimitri medeveav you know coming onto my clone yrs ago front wife, but imprisoning her, I will be prosecuting you, personally, And you happy to call me Bike under v2k you mean Slag front Jesus, State it on video, I say truth about your evil wife if you like put, clone front me, I show you booting you again, btw med, I saw whole sexual encounter, in dec 2017, but you said you building play ground my house MED and you talk to aliens, No you don’t, they work with nature only. your always mistaken, in that lie. with you trying to bomb Kremlin, 2014, and trying to kill me. Explain why? I wont forgive you, but met nice military guy he been cloned, seen mine in bases Can walk him up to you if you like, try attack me, again front a child, or clone, child, I took her she in Britain again.

So up to you, now med Front wife, or you know what can happen like last yrs. let Chechnya know saw it all operation in base, but non you cared, I did not have my boys, so you won’t mind being ill rest your life if you survive, as alien Med, in your DNA, I will be holding onto her Majesty and our country, but GCHQ knows this already, pity you lost everything Kremlin for sake no money with Trump and the terrorists you associated with Soros Daughter.

So now what will Russia, do, after losing me right to have child, again, remarry few yrs ago, I loved Vladimir Putin you took my life away, only right Jesus judges you for what you did this lifetime, If I’m  slut Russia, staff, then what you then after yrs, liars, bigots black mailers. Best inform your Chechnya Leader what you done, and To his nation as result.

BTW remember everyone front GCHQ and news with them seeing lovely weather you did not like over yrs, nature is peace, calm no wind, its you having V2k on people governments attached to #qanon causing earth quakes, Remember Soros, daughter, I am main Grid keeper you have no connection to.

Try not blaming God, he wont care on judgement, too late when rapture, or End is thief in night, and I sense can be anytime with us not knowing second hour, minute.

Register your clone child, and his wife, you show you as happy married couple with your teenage daughter, if he cannot Claim his innocence, you can if he dead on stock market, on his Estate.

Your wife Caused Paris Jackson to slash her Wrists, Laura I saw Paris Tweeting you to kiss you down low, in your 13 yr old account. So no stalking minors, in Instagram, or you tube pair of you, Stalking my sisters, daughters Accounts. So is Paris whom Cloned too going to lie for daddy under oath, and his Fake children, he did not Actually have but bought off Debbie Rowe?

I will be us gov, with you restricting calls from my brother in America, Trump, he is fully aware of this whole situation. over any Vop system.

Everything you said in ten yrs, or used Strangers under V2k we blocked. Due to you, pity front Britain no way earning again, From this country Social media. My suggestion close offices in our country go do your terrorism to America Fraud, deception we not accepting it in our country.


This is Secret Child, but clone, but all his clones, Soul less no spirit, because he was nsa master occult Black magician.

So you have to register her on stock market under your mikel Alias, cant use mj brand its so far in debt to IRS you tried to down, and Banks, over yrs #occupy movements.

Is that clear to any gold diggers in Russia Government, you stole 6 yrs, I will be seeking justice in court. main one is Alina Kabeava, her plots against president, and myself, she have to explain front News and Jesus. ok Kremlin, so you backed Trump, you should thought about your associations, china and Russia, we did ask you to consider this last yrs, but I accept your decision to lie, about me Kremlin but any nsa, microwaves her, after the solar nuclear, dust storm india caused shooting Satelite, other night, affected planet and people, no us government we not accepting geo engeering targeting you tube customers.

So up to governments to decide their fate, as pope Francis knows fatima and end world very well, being connected to soros. and seeing crime his daughter did in twitter to me. using @tradcatknights to come message Vatican watched Pope Francis Asked for my murder 2014, at my home caused Earth quake when all #un members hit my clones copies I saw It Pope. All those yrs ago, When using that guy to promote fatima but call me mental, pity now mental people, can’t help Pope, front God, What will vatican do, with pope connected to Soros letting his daughter threaten me for yrs, please.

They deliberately slandered, Defamed, stalked used people under voice to skull to attack my reputation, job, class, or religion, or my spiritual Belief’s whilst the two perps, nsa Covered up for proceeded to steal my quotes, saying, messages, posters, and anything business or connected to spirituality.

I have endured loss of two grandparents, and another friend Steve Mugglestone, was murdered by low level microwaves like my own mum, stalked by perps, and they used local authority, NHS to bully me, discriminate and Say I was under psychosis, However NHS Sheffield, we proved it in court under oath, you to be lying, Why, its in bible Book revelations.

Next, Sheffield Council had my children removed, under I am mental, when I suffer now PSTD from stalking at my old acre land home the council, and nsa cia, made sure for yrs they messed in my bank to stop mortgage payments, make me late, mess in Amazon purchases, Cost me my private mobile, numbers, theft of them in social media requesting to add my number, when I have not given or permitted my data to be used.

So Cititzens Advice Explained after Government, NSA cia, Extorted funds under deception, Trying to traffic and governments, Judges own Words to council and myself, “Miss Probert, this family case very unusual, For family, is government trying to use you as Asset and frame you” I asked What did that mean, in return, we only see these types of cases in this situation. luckily the judges being fair made council pay for their case my solicitors, for losing my home. Was Beautiful, A retreat, Camping, Lesiure, Tourism, treatments, Watsu, However Sheffield Council harrassed my family for yrs, trying to traffic children away, to give to their father, whom lied under oath himself, when Laura Krohn was living Residing in my house, Whilst the father of the boys, nsa and the perps, George Soros Daughter, Secret Wife of Michael Jackson, you know him, as Q, or Qanon, or Anonymous, or Black lives matter, or he done, Antifa, Galactic Federation, but literally he the stalker, one administering with his wife nsa, these psychotronic Weapons to kill people.

Psychotronic weapons

Think everyone, the plan as per bible, was to spy look through phones, computers frame you for nsa their clowns, perps Demonic Thoughts, then Frame you in courts with government.

I have received, Via Twitter, Jack Dorsey is Guilty of murder, death threats. Fake accounts, impersonation, liable, slander and using Voice to skull to use 50 – 100 people, or fake accounts of Cobra, to attack people’s view news all saw crime, cannot deny it, asking me to die of Brain cancer all of them when Us government would not stop trying to kill me when Cobra paid Obama to hoax his death.

George soros needs prosecuting for attempted murder my family, and his Daughter is Very dangerous Character, and Will not hestitate to threaten a women, or your children.

I documented front Ministry justice the Crime, However, I lost my children, Facebook then murdered my mum, NHS over dosed my mother Gave her Wrong Drugs, and gave her chemotherapy without my verbal or written consent, when My mother was not in mental capacity to make Such decisions, To find out NHS is murdering people with Chemotherapy Agent Orange.

Note everyone MPS were Quiet why, involved on local level, To off shore Tax evade your council Tax steal it off shore, tell us we have to pay more tax to fix our health. No we just look after the country, you helped Destroy lives many people.

I like The psychotherapist The court paid for Bringing Back into court, for taping me without permission, not taking my sworn oath, ex military family, police back ground, but labelled me psychotic, I like Him investigating and Dr Mullins At NHS Sheffield for mis-treatment, Abuse verbally whilst he was under Voice to skull saying I was not allowed to see my children, after court Order Stated 9th May 2018, To date I seen my boys 8 times in 365 days.

I am taking council to court in future do not care how long to obtain justice correctly, so no other family is victimised by nsa or council ever Again.

The boys have case, no one is telling me otherwise, or trying to threaten me council more by torturing me, not seeing my children, since Oct 2017 I would like Compensation for your lies and removal from my SAFE CARE.

Note working with children, including Disabled you government Will restore my reputation to full working order, so I can provide my services Again, with my Medispa Business, once again.

Google, Evidence your nsa Anonymous hacker Stole my business Website return online, and do not put my domains up for sale, in America you don’t own them I do.

Damage to medispa Reputation throughout you tube, google, with my information still stored in pinterest.

Note Laura Krohn Will be brought to court for using my social media, from 2012 – 2017

My boys were aware of how council tries to snatch remove children, why they not speak to Rachel Tootle, But calling me Delusional and you backing her when NSA and Russia, and gchq heard it over phone and Cobra and your dummy.  (George Soros Daughter) goes by name April Ritchie Yoga, or Starseed52 or fake bible quotes, or womens quotes etc, all animal Accounts fake, any nature accounts, they destroyed Animals, birds and including Bombs, and threats to bomb people, including homes, churches or Zoos, you think Glen Fell Towers Was Caused.

Cobra theft off all my galactic info I be taking your Estate into court, and your wife under her real single name or your new married name, because you changed name in fraud under double jeapody rules, with you already being Technically dead.

You could not get customers, because you had to cover up her crime so you hacked NHS records, experian Equifax, impersonated people, stole info, distressed inconvience, the Debt I occurred due to you two, I will be seeking compensation from you both as couple, or as individuals, So with stabbings, shootings, went up, in 6 yrs, council cannot say they did not know whom Soros Daughter was in First place. Why people got knocked over in Sheffield, That dummy was doing it from her head to britain, over yrs, laughing at misery suffering, even mocking people’s accounts when lost loved ones, she that sick American people.

All you did Will cost you dearly, Where Are you going anyway, Qanon with listening viewing, then pretending you got things on people, Please, your going in lake Fire with so much love, from Angels, you hate God, don’t believe in Jesus you both said, Sworn Statement you worship Satan.

Both are racist Against any ethnicity, and he is muslim now, Jihad they said.

He has Connections to Alweed Bin tala, Twitter shareholder in Bahrain, if either country is hiding him, he will be found, As the terrorist he Became Front Jackson family all lied to the world, fans and people, to extract money time, Fool people, Very sick disturbed family.

Social Workers used to go to schools harassing boys over yrs, or coming to my home, trying to mock my job, and Business. I think you As Government Workers should resign don’t know how you can live with yourself lying about families front of God and courts.

So my dear Boys, I not seen nearly two yrs, i miss you but said to laura in 2013 that if I die I come back to take you children, to heaven, unfortunately for Cobra, he going in lake fire, 1000 yrs, and dummy have to say why she tried to kill planet for satan, and worshipping his demons. I always Blame their Father for this, , For knowing I was being microwaved, his words Wanted to destroy the mother of his children, For raising them feeding his kids, whilst he was always Busy.

Plus is laura prepared to be judged by Jesus for her lies, front my boys, and watching the attempts on my life, if I survive she going to apologise to my boys, front her mother, and her nephew Brian Whom knew me.

No excuse now boys too busy to see their mother, you pay price At end of your life their father as their dad was lying, that lot people you used, and the thousands in facebook over the yrs, NSA do not modify touch people’s accounts, or modify you tube for Fake subscribers. As for your father, boys he your Dad, but he was never a provider, just used me To make him wealthy, mocked me in Business, Let’s hope I don’t take him to court, over what he did, extraction money, coming onto me, pretending he loves me, Feel sorry for him, he had it hard having to lie, To have boys in his Custody.

He saw my own mother murdered Came to funeral, Still did not care, in that time, his partner lost Family for his V2k and him being Fully aware, GCHQ was in house on cameras, I told him, front Laura, When nearly Died, of my Cancer, He not once, cared. Only reported me to social services.  Cheating. It was his choice to lie to judge under oath, he done it before.

So my boys have not been with two people Rachel Tootle, Where his partner, Wanted me homeless over yrs, Very cruel heartless woman, Whom my mother, told her truth he did not me, maybe She should listened.

Not got his house into order has he front God, So up to him what he chooses to do now to correct his lies, like laura Either on camera, before, this heads into court next yrs, taking her life, Stresses, as result her Watching being involved, knowing I was being microwaved whilst my boys Were in bed, trying to defend them from Soros Daughter Or cobra killing my boys, their words, laura, he said it in facebook, he was admin, and she said everyone laughing at me.

So news, only stories you had, were all lies about me, but wishing I die under v2k in 2014 pity you nearly killed planet in my NDE, But now you know, I guard governments in other Galaxies, So news you have to remain in platforms with your lies.

Lot my information passed your way, my ideas over those yrs. lost time taken this lifetime. I cant get back with my boys.

If you need money report on Michael Jackson wife or something.

My boys seen enough lies abuse about their mother, they Are near men now, let’s see you lie Council When they Fully grown men, Like me Will Defend their rights, under Blacks Law Dictionary, citing Human rights, abuse, but mainly under unalienable rights you took away.

 social workers lying about me to them, Changing their school, lifestyle and Bullying my sons.  Now I am permanently disabled rest of my life, from being microwaved Brain Cancer, Two yrs, Father boys, did not give shit, rather not pay maintenance,. work with council to get them to buy my home after they repossessed it, lower than the Value to Steal it an accountant, planner, bought it, I have Evidence.

And said they resold it, well council Laura Krohn can be called into court, front Mr Kelley to say under oath, she heard him say to me, Council wanted house, for Building land off me, on green Belt conservation belt. Theft of my home, I like compensating for making me homeless on purpose, Starving me, no money, killing my mum in meantime. and Torturing me more to not see my boys.

My boys might as well know Whole truth. What you did, last yr, making me homeless, to starve me, Torture, and not see boys, on purpose, I cant get those two yrs back now, So those in legal Team you take it up with God your judgement.

Worse than animal Cruelty, I have any more Attacks, under v2k in land air sea, I deal with them by reporting to police. accordingly.

We Want all governments, Vatican UN members to stop killing people over land occupation, and money.

Any pics on Friends pages, I have given my Expressed permission, to display I will no longer use Any US, or government Led non social media, To steal Extract Terrorize People, Like you said CIA yrs ago, Stop abducting children, Teens, and we Want Every MP under investigation for any fraud, or Terrorism, links.

We Like all Cafcass, Social services under full investigation for Child trafficking in courts, framing, lying about mothers,. emotional physical stress, this has had on rest of my life, and working with disabled children.

I am looking to take the council and NSA/CIA and Facebook through court of law, and ensure our justice system is not infilated with government crime by MP’s associated and  complicit of the said crime as described.

Death threats, to murder my boys, GAB said it would blow my head off, I got all evidence, and with Laura Krohn, Martin Zimmerman, And Keven from Birmingham, All being involved in Michael Jackson Death Hoax, and involved harming me, with lies or used under v2k they will be called into court Law later date.

If Micheal Jackson on Strawman and Brand Mj online TEAM bent estate Lawyer wants to accuse me, lies, they can plenty people got threatened lost their lives, over yrs, but his fake name on alias, where ever money has been deposited to that terrorist will be found and we recover all costs, for damage to Britain every life lost since 2004. So social Media, your crime, to frame people for thoughts, you must now consider your actions, what Jesus is going to do to you.

So Dr Mullins, you contributed to my ill health, last yr, and you need to be investigated including both social workers.

I am looking to take this into court for the permanent brain damage, microwaved to heart to try kill me, last yr, and Attacks to gentials, loss health, and unable to have children, because they used men to threaten me in messenger, you tube or threaten to rape, me or assault me.

So anyone you cannot have followers they use them against you in psychological posts, and posters to affect your psyche.

All Twitter is full of Fake followers every single user got fake accounts, worthless, facebook trillions fake accounts, but with nsa not having customers, in 2014, because the two perps thought they knew everything, when copying their customers plagerizing.

My aim is to get George Soros Daughter found, even in middle east, America or Germany, and tried in court, publically as public Figure and sent to prison for child trafficking, Terrorism and murder of any customer, since social media inception. Basically NSA should not protected someone cant make penny, for the US government, and Donald Trump Tried to protect her by association, and he threatened me via these perpetrators.

Why, Because I am the holy grail, GCHQ came to see me 2014, but by then I was Already fully freaked out, Being told by my stalker, I was Cloned and he wanted to bump me off, but tried to chat me up, then slander me, he is one sick bastard, that has to be found, dealt with front of Jackson family, anyone lying covering him up or her.

URi Geller, Give you challenge as psychic is Michael Jackson Still alive? Let’s see if he dares lies.

unfortunately I have insisted to Boys Father my sons do not use Snap chat, any you tube, etc or instagram.  He is fully aware, of whom the crime involves he saw me writing the website 10 yrs ago.

He helped lose my home business, and he took £12000 to set his business up, only fair I tell truth about What he did and capable of.

His lies front of God Going to be major for him front of our sons.

So social Media you no longer have my presence on your platforms.

Plus I recommend everyone the same for safety and privacy concerns.

psychotronic Truth

Note, If i find any my information, as stated throughout your platforms I am seeking compensation for loss death of my mother, both grandmas we lost, and my boys now have to suffer with my disability for rest of my life.  Not seeing their Grandmother last yr with your cruelty Sheffield Council, you have to live with this rest your life, what you did To innocent woman and her boys. When I looked after thousands, in camping, and Retreat, and abuse From council, parents Received when coming for healing at my retreat. to the thousands, that Camped and my clients, note do not put any business in facebook they only defame it, or send false comments, like they try in google, no business can modify a fake review.

Kremlin use of microwave weapons

Kremlin has invested into Twitter, Google Facebook with china, They spent two yrs microwaving my Brain to give me Cancer, Killed my cat, did not hit the boys, in house, so they did not end up unwell, I did, Alina Kabeava is Guilty of Stalking as politician and Actress in fake twitter, facebook for 4 yrs, very evil to work against president, but use official accounts to praise him, but be involved in crime against him too. You have to think as Government what your going to do, front Jesus promoting him but mocking his Bride, mother Earth Mary Magdeline Energy. ALL and the staff Guilty of Cloning me Attacking me, whilst Asleep, I do not want any other Government having my private info, or ideas.

Laura Krohn being Cloned Hitting me no reason, I saw it yrs ago, Quite Violent Character, but pretends to be all sweet, stole time, money, and used me, See if you can use her Donald Trump, because Dummy, used her Jesus cut her off from me, under her skynet to america. Best consider all you done. Seeing as she worked against me, did not defend myself Boys, when living in my house with them over  yrs and GCHQ knew with police attendance she was with me, front her family, involved in my blogs, websites and Medispa over yrs, Jack Dorsey, Cobra fake psychic under v2k was Very wrong, Laura made lots Fake accounts, I never hardly used in say ten yrs, I only used for 3 yrs in total, Due to death threats, Stealing my pics, making fake accounts, stealing my mothers name to make Twitter accounts, making accounts in my eldest Son name Attaching porn to it, Because your mkultra kitty cost lot people their health.

I am private citizen, under Secrecy act for Future.

I would Like to take law Suits against Kremlin Staff, for their Threats, stalking NSA attaching the official Russian Facebook to me, they have to explain why over the yrs, trying to use me But kill me, Ask UK gov to kill me, But lose my family, sorry Staff in Russia, your mod, broke law, Like NSA division has in Britain, We like NSA including Edward Snowden (mole) in Russia, not to copy me like he did in 2014, and admit he microwaved and listened viewed framed people as Self Employed Contractor for nsa.

I hope your Happy with yourself Staff of Kremlin trying to murder me for 6 yrs the cause of your asteroid, and Burning sun, trying to cause Weather issues, Because I am with Jesus and your not. You had Six yrs not to steal my life away, I no longer could have kids you attack threaten them Weak Bastards do that Shit. but this lifetime, I like to see Alina Kabeava, and Dimitri Medeveav Admit microwaving me as president of Russia. Her admittance front of RT news about her clone and mkultra operative spy last yrs in fake accounts in Twitter and facebook stalking me Russia, with George Soros Child Killer Daughter wants finding dealing with as terrorist would be in this country. You lost money Due to Stupidity.

Government Sponsored Stalking

If you have any common sense, Get off all platforms immediately you feel better, they cannot track trace and ELF EMF microwave you as well by targeting you by Gwen, cell phone masts and Satellite Weapons.

Including all police or military, unless you are aware and Strong enough to handle v2k just don’t agree to any thoughts in your heads, and NSA with you hacking NHS, Don’t think any GP or psychiatrist have leg to stand on.

Jesus is seeking justice, He go through legal system to get it MP’s should be under investigation for Acts Terrorism Treason against any individual in Britain, they are responsible for loss health, Family, earnings or Business.

If they do not admit association, We take all political parties into court on tribunals for next yrs.

Sheffield council stop murdering people, knocking over, or framing residents, including Tree protesters lives, you have to repair, and my family, including apology to my father, sister and brother for distress caused.

My political View, I serve the queen in my own Capacity and it has nothing to do with any MP. in view theft of my ideas.

Also to protect her Majesty, when V2k used against Prince Philip and we recently seen Cars in accidents. You MP’s did not want to acknowledge it by your association, so we have to take those political parties individually into Tribunals.

If any UN member is found as government when there is no space Agreement over Nuclear Satelite Weapons, use, like India Shot one, other day, caused Solar Radiation, nuclear Damage.

So ESA, Rosacosmos, and NASA no space station, nature, planet can tell you that herself, your still lying as telecommunications companies.

My view Front her majesty Mp’s Eu wants money off us for Free each week to fund its, NATO, EU army, or clone army against us, Forward thinking into future, We require our military Back, police all nurses with body cams, to avoid any Heresay, to protect Future Workers in their chosen career, and improved conditions, for police to deal with people that would kill, stab or Shoot someone.

Plus We have to consider Telefonica Took down our lines infrastructure in december, We cannot allow any Google BT, or O2 etc to have monopoly of the market.

See Mp’s are serving Self in this country taking wage off us tax payers, to charge more Tax, my proposal front Labour Tories, was simple 10% per person per household, no stepped taxes. For not providing any service.



Giving Credit to someone worked out Enchanter, The Whom purple dragon is.

Imagine 8 Copies on one original soul like spirit imprint , ninjas across the universe, Whom work for other Galactic Councils, Throughout, What Best Described This universe, Without Further Adue, The reader, Can Assertain this by the links, mental conception, internalization, Thought and imagination.

Referenences in bible, Meanings, Terms, Derivered from their origin, First Estate, Satan fallen, in angels, Earth. Prophecy, My involvement, my now spirit only is between skynet quite literally, over the planet.  Best Described her seed to his seed.

This may take time to digest, understand.


About enchanters

My Friend, now companion guide, pointed something very obvious, yet, taking time for even us to understand, why I was targeted on deeper level,  plus the lack knowledge from perps, in the past, through social media, to ever got past being Traumatised, Frighteneed in fear of my life to work This all out.

Think why Royalty Down here, used knw of Witches, warlocks, wizards, now imagine an Enchanter!, they existed we not sure over how many Centuries but over many thousands of years, dwindling like our very human species if not careful to extinction. Including the planet, and Animal & plant kingdom. Think Bloodlines, think kingdom against kingdom down on earth, is affecting Space then heaven.


Planets are hollow, including this one, And we have 12  Galaxy Guardians, conversing with Governments, Please take time to read next article, think and feel What book Genesis is really referring to.Spectre Separate to skynet Starwars Tesla Weapons (no buy no sell) microwave weapon system, However the only thing creation can say Watch film Lucy, take out the Drug Scene, But use Matrix reference to Computer Ai, Fallen, Angels, now consider planets, Nibiru, is real, happening, and Wormwood, at this time.  Please do not ask me to go into much detail, I trust High rder, Elohim and God on this technology. but i Strongly suspect it has to do with www. internet and Space, Ai, Trans-humansim, What, Has been misguided and could also, have damaged planet, in bad codings in binary system, due to skynet via, fallen angels, on earth in phsycial realm,s via dimenions time space.  Reference See bible, Principalities of darkness, these times.

Death and hades in book revelation  

BreadCrumbs, rather than Telling, I am Simply connecting the dots in ones own consciousness, mine to yours the reader. Delivered, to think planets as beings, fallen from their estate, Damaged Scarred from Battles.

Elements of creation

Please Refer To book Genesis for Further investigation into what God is Clearly stating,

What is the council of nine

This took some time, why I feel not just targeted by psyops in past, microwave weapons on plantary level, someone close to meet, explained, imagine there are 8 of me in other parts of the galaxy working for them, under attack & feeling pain on some level, in which I am the Transmitter & reciever (ether) spirit, GAIA, or other Dieity references.

What Can i do, Remote View, understand all psychological operations, online, Or face to face or through v2k. Plus having Direct xperience of Microwave weapons.

I can sense Microwave Weapons, Plus I am Technically a weapon in sense if Governments use frequency on me. on earth plane.

We can gather, skynet part cannot go through Central Earth, Lake Fire, Fossils, Dead Giants, Nephilian, Dead Spirit, Demons in people, nations, around planet, to individual, held hostage by cobra, his alliance of Cabal, negative side, Wanting to kill, do things as described per kingsman movie scenerios.

At this time, please do not panick, BREATHE, ground to the planet, find nice things to do, Seek time each day to pray, Look at oneself, the following can help.

  • Understanding freemasonary,  masonary history.
  • Look understand Universal laws, God Commandments, Nature’s Laws.
  • Spiritual cleansing, seeking faith in Jesus, prior to this planets judgements or subsequent judgements as given in book revelations.
  • To save oneself, repent come back to God, and have no other Gods before him.

To understand, Whist over yrs, I felt being psychic medium, to understand why Governments, Said, Article. about microwave Weapons, was used, if not stopped could Be catastrophic consequences now for this planet.

Front of United nations formally united league of nations front of every government not currently serving the people under laws acts governed by their own countries laws, & or associated to the uk corporation to be seen to be causing crime by association.








EHS electromagnetic Frequency weapons

Problem, Reaction, Solution……….

(Latin: Ordo ab Chao) is a mass mind control system. It is used to make changes to the law that the citizens would not accept otherwise. Excerpt taken from (Ethics Wiki).

How to realize one has a problem, with the knowledge in knowing one has, in the past, or known to have, or been, targeted, as an individual, or said person, on your fictional character on your strawman, Given to your Physical Body on Earth?

What is a problem? Something to be dealt with or overcome, Like Overcomer to obstacles, A thing that is impossible to achieve, even if given in written form, in Bible or said  History books, to indicate How God, Kingdom Heaven Earth, were made.

My Past problem, Others, or individuals may have come to realise what they have been through, endured, tortured, ridiculed, some isolated, victimitized, Bullied, Sectioned, falsley imprisoned, Or even Driven to suicide. or near Death situations.

If you can relate, or have had previous situations, where you have felt any of the symptoms described within the website, I have found faith in God, Lord Jesus Christ, to have been my Guardian to have Given me Direct knowledge on dealing with Skynet, Starwars,

Reaction, Ailments, Start with different Symptoms depending on Where on how one was targeted, mine inteligence, Originally, Being Spiritual, Healer, Understanding Religion, Dogma, and Belief Systems, I was given insight over 10 yrs ago, to have faith to continue to believe, in God when Refusing V2k to the brain, illegal mind hacking, neural monitoring, by government, on Earth’s various nations, by the form of psyops, over social media companies such as Google, you tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc,  or stalking accounts, one owns in third party platform.

Radiofrequency Expert warns 5g radiation could be carinogenic

IMG-1866 IMG-1865 IMG-1864 IMG-1863

Psychotronic Warfare:NSA,GWEN Towers,Optikinesis

The Sealing of the Targeted Individuals

launch into Dangers of Any/gov/nsa using Microwave Weapons or V2k on un-suspected Individuals

5G and The AI Control Grid


My life, was Quite literally ruined, by Stalkers, aka, in past, refered to cobra, Anonymous, Q, Qanon, other psyop problems and programs, forms of bullying in fake accounts, how? by being shareholder, Access internally to the platforms, allowing two people, to literally with permission of nsa, to protect them yrs ago, target me, which inc, Russia, china, Us, and various gov, microwaving my brain for twelve hours a day, until, either Coicidence, or fact, or chastisment, for the nations, in distress, as they Do not understand what they have done to the planet, their own nations, and Destruction of the sun, and Our only planet with life.

medispa old pics whe

where microwaved to NDE in few Experiences

My old home, Family Was wrecked living there by stalkers online throughout social media stalking my home/ business line non stop, using people to threaten Extort money, time, from me, time Waste, use, Abuse Handle or try, use at me.

See Reference through pin interest, my old website has been takebn down, and domains, up for sale in america Evidence in my old Facebook, I have tried to close, But Shareholders Kept it open and operating, Instagram is closed, to stop, Stem, the Abuse Stalking.

I would respectively Ask at this time, Google, and such Search Engines, Please Keep a neutral Zone regar


I have Had home, Targeted, Attempts on life, In cars, Stalking, in streets,  10 yrs bullying by shareholders, because Various Governments have Tried to use, me, in which her majesty is Aware, of my oath beyond veil to her, and my covenant to only her, in privacy under the Secrecy act. As stated in previous discussion front of M16/m15 GCHC in which,  to protect my soil, and others.

I have Lost Health, had Brain Cancer, Microwave Weapons direct to the heart, many times a day to kill me, Targeting to bones, Tissue, until lymph Swollen, head aches, And Pains, until Symptoms, of fear, by perps, have set into the psyche of the individual to be targeted. I have had my children threatened, by these US but gone Rogue Terrorists.

“person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”.

I had Isolation, and Local authority Target my children, to claim I am diagnosied with illness, as The judge stated,  in Family court, are the government Trying to use you as Asset (Miss  P******.) In order to cover up the whom involved. 

George Soros Daughter, was cited in court with the other individual concerned, involving a Celebrity, singer Film director whom Hoaxed his death, and Tried to with his partner, Ruin, Destroy, Bully, to kill me, which has resulted, in stalking my mother, her murder by Facebook, Microwaved. to be given Cancer which spread, and due to bullying under v2k and our family separated, and i bullied By council i have since lost my mother, and my children have been lied to by local authority, in order that, they do not live with me, and i have been attacked by strangers, online, in streets, and around my old spiritual Retreat, I can no longer, use Twitter, or Facebook or instagram, These platforms, Give them direct access to Listen view, steal one information, business ideas, make out their own.

cell mast

This is both Transmitter & receiver

They have copied my ufo, info, my spiritual quotes, direct channellings, and twisted everything and lied to everyone over the yrs, used complete strangers to attack bully for no reason.  Until now, I am likely to serve court summons, on Facebook in view, loss of close friend, my reputation, health, loss finances as result over This time span recorded with the judges front of our Judicical System to stop the Alias’s continued Damage to myself, the planet, Explain, in next post.  Damage to our Very sun, and now distressed nations as result.  Others may have had similar or can relate to this, and This is to assure you, and others, you are no way on your own, God is ruler of Earth, and heaven, The people Whom did this, and those involved, have to seek, within themselves, What they done.


Near Green Areas, Walking, with dogs or Children

See Fatima, Or read, Book revelations, for more details, about refusing This technology to the Third eye, And worshipping the beast system in human man kind, Are we kind?


plus Trying Fibre, then Try V2k to people Held Hostage by our data Stolen

Are We kind? Kindred, Is it But we have a soul, Spirit, And whilst I move along, in my next chapter, to explain The whom, I am, to understand, our only options, left on planet, How I trust God, And only Elohim Nature, At this present Time.

Very alarming flying insects Vanishing from Nature Reserves

Cell Phone Gwen Mast Antenna Search


  1. Seek Jesus, if not why not? what do you fear? yourself,? your own demons? oh you listen to
  2. Others? Judas, Those that Do not have your best interest at heart
  3. Strangers, They always know Best for you?
  4. your feeling Symptoms you know they not usual to be feeling, like being cooked inside out, or eyes stung, or heart attack might persue, or your brain might explode with being microwaved on daily basis.
  5. I have found by living by commandments having awareness and knowledge, I, You we, many can be saved in enough time. Just…..
  6. If I, you change, in Twinkling of Eye, Reborn like him, consumed By his Holy fire and resureection into, his kingdom on Earth.
  7. Breath, If you feel you are being microwaved Trust intution you are, even if others, do not beleive, dismiss, Shrug off if you have disccused it, or they have Told you, they cant handle it.
  8. Do speak About it, Tell others, know the fear, feel it, and do it anyway, driving away any obstacle you  have been given in some form of tribulation in your life.
  9. Address one own house, get it into order, you cannot help or heal another without, heping own self, and now, I am SAFE, away from harm.
  10. How, If you can avoid negativity, come off the social media platforms, affecting you, see mental Clarity return, no further abuse, Rude threats, that affect people moods, energy over a computer or phone.  Seeing Fake accounts, Shelf Fillers, to psycholigical abuse,  someone by others sharing, and the psyops, able to use V2k on the customers to randomly target start Gang stalking, the individual concerned. The platform Ceos, and owners and nsa/ cia let the two persons, said, threaten me and use many thousands of customers to abuse me over the yrs to near death many times.  Had they, consequences, Could been catastrophic, which what I am connected to with God, Elohim and nature.
  11. I have sometimes with them listening Viewing, if this helps others, listen to music, even Tell them mentally back, What you feel & think, and also say your plans, outloud, but really, you are going other places. Helps, against Neural monitoring or Being targeted whilst out.
  12. If you have lost loved ones, or had people at work turn on you, or old friends, This can happen, my answer they not your real friends, they endure happy and sad times, and give time.  In this lifetime, they know they never get that time again, But I have made new steps to change,  and show solutions to beating the A.I Element Cobra is controlling with demons and negs, he can use people in land air, sea, as per biometric, computer phone no buy no sell matrix they made for themselves.
  13. Prayer Works, if done right, intentionally heart felt. only worshipping one God our father As quoted by the bible.
  14. Stay as calm as possible if you are frightened, scared, or fear the what if, truly if I could quote as he said.  Verily I say to you, Many whom have been targeted will understand message, from his Angels, he calls, his First Estate, Holy orders, Heavenly kingdom. First Last Everything Amen.

From all that happened, has shaped me into greater understanding whom I am, indeed, my role, the past, now and how to shape create a better future, with Help of Nature, and Elohim with Jesus Guidance, And ruling Laws.


Big Difference with Big heart is being Able to forgive.




trickery your soul straw man, unalienable rights

Pope francis is not the real pope but pope benedict see here, Benedict did not resign and God struck vatican with lightening 2013, for lying front of the people.

tradcatknight whom talks about fatima and nibiru wormwood

Whom owns vatican, and this is not a church but a pit of satan, and damaging people on your straw man on the stock market.

vatican and the unholy see

Banks vatican #un owned by rothschilds  

how vatican uses your birth certificate as stock on markets

straw man and your soul

unalienable rights

The law and trickery governments use to do subversive tactics to coheres you by using system at you not excluding police, NHS and council social services and cafcass, if you feel fear, at anytime, override this with peace calm, ask Jesus christ to come over you, and make you meek, but firm, explain you are human being with a soul and you have your free speech and entitled to think what you like.

This is under unalienable rights, they have been trying to take away from people, you paid tax, they stole it quite simply, you want your tax payers money back in form of bonds, to reclaim your rightful birth certificate back, which we will challenge at a later date, on a new democracy, system over imposed on the old, one, by then collapsing their markets and central banks by their own ignorance.

We can obtain our own insurance, restart the system, and they provide debt forgiveness for all loans credit cards, and mortgages at the time.  The system is in a mess, they wanted to collapse you, and your business, your family, so if they do, and cannot put money in to sustain it we once they bankrupt, we take ownership as cooperative, democracy for the many not the few, taking another statement, they know whom but do not trust any government party at this time.

unalienable rights being aware is being informed

There is enough money in system to carry those sick poorly, out of work or losing their jobs, from yes your tax payers money, as soon as they fold we can re-emerge, they won’t put money in and want to keep raising tax, inflation, cost of living, whilst you lose your home, family freedom liberty, I am not giving up mine life or death, after & yrs attempts on my life being microwaved nearly to death sometimes, and seen heard God beyond the veil in my own NDE experiences.

We are able to then reinstate the old system with unfortunately they already sold everyone out, including the health care services, so we might as well go private and make the companies involved reform with those want change, those that don’t, will lose financially.  We can get the police intelligence services back serving the people correctly.

We are the people, we own the power, do not give it away, if you are arrested and breach in law, record it, if NHS comes into your home record and or have witness, and if they use social services at you or cafcass, you can legally take them back to court through your children, if the chattel is forcefully removed at this time, bear in mind, i use word tongue in cheek, they see us as fodder, just stock, and worthless to them, killing around world, trying to occupy land illegally.  The local authority as its called, council, simply stole off every person in every county and left you penniless, well, we will make changes, benefit you, me, us collectively. and individually and on local community level.

Document everything in writing and to the council whom is abusing you or district, you live in if in us, and your state, make MP’s aware, that we plan to make a stand individually, and for your family and children sake. It depends on you, many people have lost their lives, through Facebook, google twitter and they should be held accountable in the same court, vatican set up and use the laws, against, them.

Under admiral law, on the land, so they use sea law, on land in dock you stand, to state your fictional character, they can fine, because they gave you serial number at birth they gave value, i.e. they made idols, into pop stars, actors, politicians, and made you and me, into the bread and butter of society they could harm rape, kill murder tax on the stock market. Do not be complacent people, God needs your prayers to him, and Mary angels, to intercede on your behalf, a clarion call was put out in !974 to the damage, due to sky net, due to weather, weapons, earth quakes man made, all by harming your emf fields, animals and trees. which are anchors to the planet. And required if we are to survive.

Have no fear over evil, and they are using neural monitoring and voice to skull to try amplify this fear within you. Stand strong, stand tall, stand face on to evil and look them in the eyes, Satan his demons, entities, thought forms, hate it and shakes them reverberates them to their very core. through sky net.

Does this sound like a plan?

Do not fear the truth, it sets one free from the bondage they made your name into to fine, on the stock market, or kill you, frame you, or try kill you.

But all these things are followed in the commandments God law and nature’s law.  and they are the ones, whom are breaking it and your unalienable rights, let alone human rights.

Please do not fear the doom from God judgement, this is for those sinners whom have not prayed, spoken to or apologized for their sins.

We must cleanse ourselves and rid the evil from this planet, right from rome, vatican #un to the governments doing their bidding, killing innocent life on the stock market.

We can create a sustainable future, one of true peace, no war, no killing, no terrorism and the system that has been set up biometrics, ai, and satellites, echelon camera surveillance can be used for our advantage if we change our mind set, around it.

What do avoid though is chips, tattoos, implants, or ridf this part cuts you off from Jesus, and can bring lords judgement to the planet faster, that we got time to turn around see another day.

Mary magdeline Nature will be interceding at this time, and angels from heaven and Elohym.

Back soon with more developments.





S.A.T.A.N skynet satelite weapon

what causing cancer 

The same frequencies used for pain inflicting crowd control weapons form the foundation of the network that will tie together more than 50 billion devices as part of the internet of things.  15 yrs ago, computers, mobiles, hard-wired Reuters could not have killed us, all change now they have it in hospitals, wireless, over phones listening viewing, targeting, and using satellites weapons, to change consciousness depression, anger, and violence.

NSA link to the mind control  

watch Kingsman movie, I informed NSA, GCHQ 5 yrs ago as psychic medium crime level, were they bothered, no, because way the governments Vatican #un can depopulate anyone.

Now discern please, the cause & effect, but in the end, the ones, think they immune, won’t be able to buy sell, or go out, at all into general public in fear people turn on them under the same technology.


mark beast voice to skull

this is without RIDF everyone must refuse because it cuts you off from God, and also will bring asteroids to your area or location, to anyone wearing anything for what news deems ease and comfort, to open a car, or home, or your phone without a login. Totally insecure biometric or tattoos makes everything in public, domain open to hacking, every company, every server, every wifi in shops, your homes and companies.

We come onto the whom, but information is available through Facebook to view whom hackers psyops are who have bombed, killed, done arson, and violently attacked people who oppose them, they regularly use strangers in #facebook to bully, gang stalk me through v2k.

not for faint hearted when you see my videos, but I wanted to show people clear account how unwell I have been, and why I won’t adhere to any forms of MK-ULTRA, or v2k or synthetic telepathy.

EHS & Electrosmog; A New Deadly Wifry Disease Affecting Millions

Have you suffered, or know someone is suffering, from various health issues, related to what deemed as social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter, companies, not declaring they are using military grade weapons on un-suspected customers, under voice to skull, neuromonitoring, from Skynet through your computers, phones, wifi, Reuters and cell phone towers.  Promotion of 5g through the fibre, through wireless waves, hitting your body day and night, which is killing wildlife, trees, and people on a mass scale.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic sensitivity 

  • Tiredness/lethargy some people even become bed bound.
  • Hearing voices in your head voice to skull.
  • Forgetfulness simple tasks like remembering information, log in, or if you used the computer before using social media, you never had symptoms before. 
  • Pain to your brain behind the eyes, skull and face shakes.
  • Heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat.
  • loss of appetite. 
  • Feeling upset, down, even depressed, when normally happy. 
  • Psychological abuse being targeted by microwave weapons.
  • Organs targeted and various areas on the skin bodies largest organs.
  • Loss of health, in basic tasks like walking.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Also Known As Microwave Sickness  

You are not alone, even though many people targeted, are left isolated, or have felt abused bullied throughout social media companies and the CEO’s are responsible for not making people aware before they even signed up innocently.

Shareholders are in trillions of fake accounts, throughout Twitter, facebook, google plus and even youtube, many other smaller companies have been infiltrated by psyops, the whom, I have documented with Sheffield Judge, in a court of law, the NHS, and with doctors and psychologists, in face to face, and campaigns with the local council of Sheffield.

How can this help you, look for other targeted individuals, in your area, from activists, campaigners, whom have been targeted by local authority, who are aware of the problem and the legal issues they face, by using the said companies above, but choosing to ignore, the health issues, microwaves literally are slowly cooking you from inside out.

This can break through the skin, cause damage to your brain, cause defects, even brain cancer, blood issues, and sensory deprivation.

What I decided to do when being targeted by the local authority to isolate me, make out I am delusional, psychotic, which is the UK governments, way, even the US government corporation.

I am coming from a place of personal experience, having had my family targeted, my mother has cancer, having been microwaved, lost family members, and they have targeted my children, threatened to kill my family.

These are ways to intimidate you, frighten you, but if like me you endured 7 yrs, honesty is always the best policy, when speaking to police, NHS, and the council itself.

No one, I mean no one is, unable unless we actively participate to make the local authority, MP’s politicians including NSA accountable, for using microwave weapons, including shareholders, of such companies.

Not social, simple ways to listen to view you in the privacy of your home, or business and then threaten you.

I have given evidence to the police, and NHS, they will try to make out we are the ones delusional, even try to give you psychotic drugs, which only make you more sick violent, depressed even suicidal.

With the protection of God, asking for all his armour, this helps against their targeting you or your home, or area, when tracking tracing you through your very phone you bought believing you were only being social, to now, many people talk about what is affecting them, on an individual level, local and community.

If you have lost family friends, you are not alone, this is their way to isolate you, but with this time, you find you are on your own, gaining strength, prayers, asking for help from God, we can individually, and on a local level, deal with these attackers.

electro magnetic smog symptoms

Do you hear, high pitch frequencies, blurred vision, feel disoriented some days, you are not alone.

I have suffered from cancer, direct energy weapons to the heart, lungs, and sexual organs.   The news reports many people dying of cancer, and this will increase unless we do something about it.

voice to skull

This is a large part of the weaponry the companies have been using

including #Instagram #Whatsapp #facebook #google #youtube #twitter #gab #bitchute

not excluding also #skype #facetime or VOP systems they are using neural monitoring, or even try to cut your phone off.

All ways to stop you buying or selling by using emf jamming frequencies to affect your computer, drain phone batteries.

Geoengineering is also involved, by placing not only chemicals but nanobots when you breathe, that goes into the bloodstream and makes you an antenna so they can target you easier and cook you literally inside out.  (see online for various sources of information)

NHS cannot deny because when you ask them to do the research readily available.

I must not allow anyone like myself to suffer anymore and hold governments targeting individuals in my own country and others, and hold them accountable, however, if all else fails, if you read bible book revelations, they go into hell, for their harm to humans, and your family, even your cells, or foetus and baby in the womb.

When they target me it affects the weather, on the local and national and global level, because of my spirit and soul connected to God, they have even tried to kill me in car accidents, stalking in streets, armed black ops, even in early yrs used the local police force, to threaten assault myself, because I spoke out about the companies and whom is involved.

the local and UK government has made me lose my family, children, my business and health, which most important is my health, and others, so in due course I am taking legal action against #sheffield city council the government itself, and then the social media companies for 7 yrs attempts on my life when I worked out yrs ago, what was going on and spoke about it.

This is a war for your mind, and you must not submit or surrender, they have targeted people in land, air and sea, in the hope to finally go for cashless society,RIDF, which is worthless in value, and was satan plan to dupe them as well, by destroying the planet, and humanity.

The social media giants do not have that many millions, real customers, with many not joining, so they have hacked companies governments to put the voice to the skull on people illegally.

What I do next posts, give helpful advice to improve health, how to deal with psychic vampires, negs, jinns, and demons.

The whom behind it, including Vatican #un members, companies shareholders, including owners, and shareholders of the social media.

In the end, they destroy themselves. By running into their dumbs bases to die as God destroys them for destroying the very fabric of nature, and life.


Who am I?

Who are we, and how do we know ourselves, if we do not know we within the whole time, embarking on a change in lifestyle, to mental clarity, from cloudiness, from illness to wealth, what is a story a storm and how to handle, deal with life isn’t that the help guidance love we need all about?

How do we overcome them? finding why we feel them, and what I/myself can share wealth experience, from my own, mental, emotional physical release, from blockages and pain, how to overcome, obstacles, the general name for stress, within many categories, to describe ultimately how we feel, and how we express that externally and interpret internally, for health well-being.

10 yrs experience as spa manager, business owner, over 24 yrs, healer, intuitive, who has helped many people remotely, face to face, to the comfort candles incense or aroma on a massage couch, reflexology to hydrotherapy, the art of touch no amount healing is too much, and by those that discovered their own healing abilities.  my next part, to embark on how to offer a course or just use it as life advice, for those, so within this I found some greatest lessons for running a spiritual retreat, and decided to embark on do I now look to open a new retreat and if i did where?

Writing a book, in a part sequel, to be announced, I have decided to further enhance my public speaking, in this speciality subject, we deem religion/spirituality, which can conjure many threads of thought from just those two simple words, have many meanings associated for all of us.  leading to positive mentoring for others to listen to share in their home, phone radio or car, to help with their everyday thoughts, and approach to life.

where health is our wealth”

Surely by putting experience, one to one, groups, meditations, and formal informal discussions about all things paranormal supernatural, within a natural world, within Nature.

I will be a showcase, own work, plus previous, and future, from podcasts, streaming, interviews and helping other therapists to assist others in their chosen field, with yrs experience, my work, was self-taught, and books are reference guide, to help teach learn, educate ourselves, when looking within.

“fly light keep it tight”

  • Offering range services products I have personally tested & recommend
  • Offers by artists, life coach, yoga teachers, holistic complementary therapy
  • Workshops, guest speaking, interviews
  • practical management pain, healthy life, herbs, minerals nutrition
  • Life coaching, mentoring both businesses, for others, or collective think tanks other like-minded thought-provoking, problem-solving, individuals who get excited about project management putting something together conceive to conception.
  • Advertising offered for other therapists, teachers, classes, here and abroad for greater network connectivity
  • Healing journals, medicinal, and health to ensure up to date news regulations by various governing bodies we are qualified ensured by within our relevant field so all therapists are vetted for legitimacy and chosen field of expertise.