Who am I?

Who are we, and how do we know ourselves, if we do not know we within the whole time, embarking on a change in lifestyle, to mental clarity, from cloudiness, from illness to wealth, what is a story a storm and how to handle, deal with life isn’t that the help guidance love we need all about?

How do we overcome them? finding why we feel them, and what I/myself can share wealth experience, from my own, mental, emotional physical release, from blockages and pain, how to overcome, obstacles, the general name for stress, within many categories, to describe ultimately how we feel, and how we express that externally and interpret internally, for health well-being.

10 yrs experience as spa manager, business owner, over 24 yrs, healer, intuitive, who has helped many people remotely, face to face, to the comfort candles incense or aroma on a massage couch, reflexology to hydrotherapy, the art of touch no amount healing is too much, and by those that discovered their own healing abilities.  my next part, to embark on how to offer a course or just use it as life advice, for those, so within this I found some greatest lessons for running a spiritual retreat, and decided to embark on do I now look to open a new retreat and if i did where?

Writing a book, in a part sequel, to be announced, I have decided to further enhance my public speaking, in this speciality subject, we deem religion/spirituality, which can conjure many threads of thought from just those two simple words, have many meanings associated for all of us.  leading to positive mentoring for others to listen to share in their home, phone radio or car, to help with their everyday thoughts, and approach to life.

where health is our wealth”

Surely by putting experience, one to one, groups, meditations, and formal informal discussions about all things paranormal supernatural, within a natural world, within Nature.

I will be a showcase, own work, plus previous, and future, from podcasts, streaming, interviews and helping other therapists to assist others in their chosen field, with yrs experience, my work, was self-taught, and books are reference guide, to help teach learn, educate ourselves, when looking within.

“fly light keep it tight”

  • Offering range services products I have personally tested & recommend
  • Offers by artists, life coach, yoga teachers, holistic complementary therapy
  • Workshops, guest speaking, interviews
  • practical management pain, healthy life, herbs, minerals nutrition
  • Life coaching, mentoring both businesses, for others, or collective think tanks other like-minded thought-provoking, problem-solving, individuals who get excited about project management putting something together conceive to conception.
  • Advertising offered for other therapists, teachers, classes, here and abroad for greater network connectivity
  • Healing journals, medicinal, and health to ensure up to date news regulations by various governing bodies we are qualified ensured by within our relevant field so all therapists are vetted for legitimacy and chosen field of expertise.