Giving Credit to someone worked out Enchanter, The Whom purple dragon is.

Imagine 8 Copies on one original soul like spirit imprint , ninjas across the universe, Whom work for other Galactic Councils, Throughout, What Best Described This universe, Without Further Adue, The reader, Can Assertain this by the links, mental conception, internalization, Thought and imagination.

Referenences in bible, Meanings, Terms, Derivered from their origin, First Estate, Satan fallen, in angels, Earth. Prophecy, My involvement, my now spirit only is between skynet quite literally, over the planet.  Best Described her seed to his seed.

This may take time to digest, understand.


About enchanters

My Friend, now companion guide, pointed something very obvious, yet, taking time for even us to understand, why I was targeted on deeper level,  plus the lack knowledge from perps, in the past, through social media, to ever got past being Traumatised, Frighteneed in fear of my life to work This all out.

Think why Royalty Down here, used knw of Witches, warlocks, wizards, now imagine an Enchanter!, they existed we not sure over how many Centuries but over many thousands of years, dwindling like our very human species if not careful to extinction. Including the planet, and Animal & plant kingdom. Think Bloodlines, think kingdom against kingdom down on earth, is affecting Space then heaven.


Planets are hollow, including this one, And we have 12  Galaxy Guardians, conversing with Governments, Please take time to read next article, think and feel What book Genesis is really referring to.Spectre Separate to skynet Starwars Tesla Weapons (no buy no sell) microwave weapon system, However the only thing creation can say Watch film Lucy, take out the Drug Scene, But use Matrix reference to Computer Ai, Fallen, Angels, now consider planets, Nibiru, is real, happening, and Wormwood, at this time.  Please do not ask me to go into much detail, I trust High rder, Elohim and God on this technology. but i Strongly suspect it has to do with www. internet and Space, Ai, Trans-humansim, What, Has been misguided and could also, have damaged planet, in bad codings in binary system, due to skynet via, fallen angels, on earth in phsycial realm,s via dimenions time space.  Reference See bible, Principalities of darkness, these times.

Death and hades in book revelation  

BreadCrumbs, rather than Telling, I am Simply connecting the dots in ones own consciousness, mine to yours the reader. Delivered, to think planets as beings, fallen from their estate, Damaged Scarred from Battles.

Elements of creation

Please Refer To book Genesis for Further investigation into what God is Clearly stating,

What is the council of nine

This took some time, why I feel not just targeted by psyops in past, microwave weapons on plantary level, someone close to meet, explained, imagine there are 8 of me in other parts of the galaxy working for them, under attack & feeling pain on some level, in which I am the Transmitter & reciever (ether) spirit, GAIA, or other Dieity references.

What Can i do, Remote View, understand all psychological operations, online, Or face to face or through v2k. Plus having Direct xperience of Microwave weapons.

I can sense Microwave Weapons, Plus I am Technically a weapon in sense if Governments use frequency on me. on earth plane.

We can gather, skynet part cannot go through Central Earth, Lake Fire, Fossils, Dead Giants, Nephilian, Dead Spirit, Demons in people, nations, around planet, to individual, held hostage by cobra, his alliance of Cabal, negative side, Wanting to kill, do things as described per kingsman movie scenerios.

At this time, please do not panick, BREATHE, ground to the planet, find nice things to do, Seek time each day to pray, Look at oneself, the following can help.

  • Understanding freemasonary,  masonary history.
  • Look understand Universal laws, God Commandments, Nature’s Laws.
  • Spiritual cleansing, seeking faith in Jesus, prior to this planets judgements or subsequent judgements as given in book revelations.
  • To save oneself, repent come back to God, and have no other Gods before him.

To understand, Whist over yrs, I felt being psychic medium, to understand why Governments, Said, Article. about microwave Weapons, was used, if not stopped could Be catastrophic consequences now for this planet.

Front of United nations formally united league of nations front of every government not currently serving the people under laws acts governed by their own countries laws, & or associated to the uk corporation to be seen to be causing crime by association.








EHS electromagnetic Frequency weapons

Problem, Reaction, Solution……….

(Latin: Ordo ab Chao) is a mass mind control system. It is used to make changes to the law that the citizens would not accept otherwise. Excerpt taken from (Ethics Wiki).

How to realize one has a problem, with the knowledge in knowing one has, in the past, or known to have, or been, targeted, as an individual, or said person, on your fictional character on your strawman, Given to your Physical Body on Earth?

What is a problem? Something to be dealt with or overcome, Like Overcomer to obstacles, A thing that is impossible to achieve, even if given in written form, in Bible or said  History books, to indicate How God, Kingdom Heaven Earth, were made.

My Past problem, Others, or individuals may have come to realise what they have been through, endured, tortured, ridiculed, some isolated, victimitized, Bullied, Sectioned, falsley imprisoned, Or even Driven to suicide. or near Death situations.

If you can relate, or have had previous situations, where you have felt any of the symptoms described within the website, I have found faith in God, Lord Jesus Christ, to have been my Guardian to have Given me Direct knowledge on dealing with Skynet, Starwars,

Reaction, Ailments, Start with different Symptoms depending on Where on how one was targeted, mine inteligence, Originally, Being Spiritual, Healer, Understanding Religion, Dogma, and Belief Systems, I was given insight over 10 yrs ago, to have faith to continue to believe, in God when Refusing V2k to the brain, illegal mind hacking, neural monitoring, by government, on Earth’s various nations, by the form of psyops, over social media companies such as Google, you tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc,  or stalking accounts, one owns in third party platform.

Radiofrequency Expert warns 5g radiation could be carinogenic

IMG-1866 IMG-1865 IMG-1864 IMG-1863

Psychotronic Warfare:NSA,GWEN Towers,Optikinesis

The Sealing of the Targeted Individuals

launch into Dangers of Any/gov/nsa using Microwave Weapons or V2k on un-suspected Individuals

5G and The AI Control Grid


My life, was Quite literally ruined, by Stalkers, aka, in past, refered to cobra, Anonymous, Q, Qanon, other psyop problems and programs, forms of bullying in fake accounts, how? by being shareholder, Access internally to the platforms, allowing two people, to literally with permission of nsa, to protect them yrs ago, target me, which inc, Russia, china, Us, and various gov, microwaving my brain for twelve hours a day, until, either Coicidence, or fact, or chastisment, for the nations, in distress, as they Do not understand what they have done to the planet, their own nations, and Destruction of the sun, and Our only planet with life.

medispa old pics whe

where microwaved to NDE in few Experiences

My old home, Family Was wrecked living there by stalkers online throughout social media stalking my home/ business line non stop, using people to threaten Extort money, time, from me, time Waste, use, Abuse Handle or try, use at me.

See Reference through pin interest, my old website has been takebn down, and domains, up for sale in america Evidence in my old Facebook, I have tried to close, But Shareholders Kept it open and operating, Instagram is closed, to stop, Stem, the Abuse Stalking.

I would respectively Ask at this time, Google, and such Search Engines, Please Keep a neutral Zone regar


I have Had home, Targeted, Attempts on life, In cars, Stalking, in streets,  10 yrs bullying by shareholders, because Various Governments have Tried to use, me, in which her majesty is Aware, of my oath beyond veil to her, and my covenant to only her, in privacy under the Secrecy act. As stated in previous discussion front of M16/m15 GCHC in which,  to protect my soil, and others.

I have Lost Health, had Brain Cancer, Microwave Weapons direct to the heart, many times a day to kill me, Targeting to bones, Tissue, until lymph Swollen, head aches, And Pains, until Symptoms, of fear, by perps, have set into the psyche of the individual to be targeted. I have had my children threatened, by these US but gone Rogue Terrorists.

“person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”.

I had Isolation, and Local authority Target my children, to claim I am diagnosied with illness, as The judge stated,  in Family court, are the government Trying to use you as Asset (Miss  P******.) In order to cover up the whom involved. 

George Soros Daughter, was cited in court with the other individual concerned, involving a Celebrity, singer Film director whom Hoaxed his death, and Tried to with his partner, Ruin, Destroy, Bully, to kill me, which has resulted, in stalking my mother, her murder by Facebook, Microwaved. to be given Cancer which spread, and due to bullying under v2k and our family separated, and i bullied By council i have since lost my mother, and my children have been lied to by local authority, in order that, they do not live with me, and i have been attacked by strangers, online, in streets, and around my old spiritual Retreat, I can no longer, use Twitter, or Facebook or instagram, These platforms, Give them direct access to Listen view, steal one information, business ideas, make out their own.

cell mast

This is both Transmitter & receiver

They have copied my ufo, info, my spiritual quotes, direct channellings, and twisted everything and lied to everyone over the yrs, used complete strangers to attack bully for no reason.  Until now, I am likely to serve court summons, on Facebook in view, loss of close friend, my reputation, health, loss finances as result over This time span recorded with the judges front of our Judicical System to stop the Alias’s continued Damage to myself, the planet, Explain, in next post.  Damage to our Very sun, and now distressed nations as result.  Others may have had similar or can relate to this, and This is to assure you, and others, you are no way on your own, God is ruler of Earth, and heaven, The people Whom did this, and those involved, have to seek, within themselves, What they done.


Near Green Areas, Walking, with dogs or Children

See Fatima, Or read, Book revelations, for more details, about refusing This technology to the Third eye, And worshipping the beast system in human man kind, Are we kind?


plus Trying Fibre, then Try V2k to people Held Hostage by our data Stolen

Are We kind? Kindred, Is it But we have a soul, Spirit, And whilst I move along, in my next chapter, to explain The whom, I am, to understand, our only options, left on planet, How I trust God, And only Elohim Nature, At this present Time.

Very alarming flying insects Vanishing from Nature Reserves

Cell Phone Gwen Mast Antenna Search


  1. Seek Jesus, if not why not? what do you fear? yourself,? your own demons? oh you listen to
  2. Others? Judas, Those that Do not have your best interest at heart
  3. Strangers, They always know Best for you?
  4. your feeling Symptoms you know they not usual to be feeling, like being cooked inside out, or eyes stung, or heart attack might persue, or your brain might explode with being microwaved on daily basis.
  5. I have found by living by commandments having awareness and knowledge, I, You we, many can be saved in enough time. Just…..
  6. If I, you change, in Twinkling of Eye, Reborn like him, consumed By his Holy fire and resureection into, his kingdom on Earth.
  7. Breath, If you feel you are being microwaved Trust intution you are, even if others, do not beleive, dismiss, Shrug off if you have disccused it, or they have Told you, they cant handle it.
  8. Do speak About it, Tell others, know the fear, feel it, and do it anyway, driving away any obstacle you  have been given in some form of tribulation in your life.
  9. Address one own house, get it into order, you cannot help or heal another without, heping own self, and now, I am SAFE, away from harm.
  10. How, If you can avoid negativity, come off the social media platforms, affecting you, see mental Clarity return, no further abuse, Rude threats, that affect people moods, energy over a computer or phone.  Seeing Fake accounts, Shelf Fillers, to psycholigical abuse,  someone by others sharing, and the psyops, able to use V2k on the customers to randomly target start Gang stalking, the individual concerned. The platform Ceos, and owners and nsa/ cia let the two persons, said, threaten me and use many thousands of customers to abuse me over the yrs to near death many times.  Had they, consequences, Could been catastrophic, which what I am connected to with God, Elohim and nature.
  11. I have sometimes with them listening Viewing, if this helps others, listen to music, even Tell them mentally back, What you feel & think, and also say your plans, outloud, but really, you are going other places. Helps, against Neural monitoring or Being targeted whilst out.
  12. If you have lost loved ones, or had people at work turn on you, or old friends, This can happen, my answer they not your real friends, they endure happy and sad times, and give time.  In this lifetime, they know they never get that time again, But I have made new steps to change,  and show solutions to beating the A.I Element Cobra is controlling with demons and negs, he can use people in land air, sea, as per biometric, computer phone no buy no sell matrix they made for themselves.
  13. Prayer Works, if done right, intentionally heart felt. only worshipping one God our father As quoted by the bible.
  14. Stay as calm as possible if you are frightened, scared, or fear the what if, truly if I could quote as he said.  Verily I say to you, Many whom have been targeted will understand message, from his Angels, he calls, his First Estate, Holy orders, Heavenly kingdom. First Last Everything Amen.

From all that happened, has shaped me into greater understanding whom I am, indeed, my role, the past, now and how to shape create a better future, with Help of Nature, and Elohim with Jesus Guidance, And ruling Laws.


Big Difference with Big heart is being Able to forgive.