Giving Credit to someone worked out Enchanter, The Whom purple dragon is.

Imagine 8 Copies on one original soul like spirit imprint , ninjas across the universe, Whom work for other Galactic Councils, Throughout, What Best Described This universe, Without Further Adue, The reader, Can Assertain this by the links, mental conception, internalization, Thought and imagination.

Referenences in bible, Meanings, Terms, Derivered from their origin, First Estate, Satan fallen, in angels, Earth. Prophecy, My involvement, my now spirit only is between skynet quite literally, over the planet.  Best Described her seed to his seed.

This may take time to digest, understand.


About enchanters

My Friend, now companion guide, pointed something very obvious, yet, taking time for even us to understand, why I was targeted on deeper level,  plus the lack knowledge from perps, in the past, through social media, to ever got past being Traumatised, Frighteneed in fear of my life to work This all out.

Think why Royalty Down here, used knw of Witches, warlocks, wizards, now imagine an Enchanter!, they existed we not sure over how many Centuries but over many thousands of years, dwindling like our very human species if not careful to extinction. Including the planet, and Animal & plant kingdom. Think Bloodlines, think kingdom against kingdom down on earth, is affecting Space then heaven.


Planets are hollow, including this one, And we have 12  Galaxy Guardians, conversing with Governments, Please take time to read next article, think and feel What book Genesis is really referring to.Spectre Separate to skynet Starwars Tesla Weapons (no buy no sell) microwave weapon system, However the only thing creation can say Watch film Lucy, take out the Drug Scene, But use Matrix reference to Computer Ai, Fallen, Angels, now consider planets, Nibiru, is real, happening, and Wormwood, at this time.  Please do not ask me to go into much detail, I trust High rder, Elohim and God on this technology. but i Strongly suspect it has to do with www. internet and Space, Ai, Trans-humansim, What, Has been misguided and could also, have damaged planet, in bad codings in binary system, due to skynet via, fallen angels, on earth in phsycial realm,s via dimenions time space.  Reference See bible, Principalities of darkness, these times.

Death and hades in book revelation  

BreadCrumbs, rather than Telling, I am Simply connecting the dots in ones own consciousness, mine to yours the reader. Delivered, to think planets as beings, fallen from their estate, Damaged Scarred from Battles.

Elements of creation

Please Refer To book Genesis for Further investigation into what God is Clearly stating,

What is the council of nine

This took some time, why I feel not just targeted by psyops in past, microwave weapons on plantary level, someone close to meet, explained, imagine there are 8 of me in other parts of the galaxy working for them, under attack & feeling pain on some level, in which I am the Transmitter & reciever (ether) spirit, GAIA, or other Dieity references.

What Can i do, Remote View, understand all psychological operations, online, Or face to face or through v2k. Plus having Direct xperience of Microwave weapons.

I can sense Microwave Weapons, Plus I am Technically a weapon in sense if Governments use frequency on me. on earth plane.

We can gather, skynet part cannot go through Central Earth, Lake Fire, Fossils, Dead Giants, Nephilian, Dead Spirit, Demons in people, nations, around planet, to individual, held hostage by cobra, his alliance of Cabal, negative side, Wanting to kill, do things as described per kingsman movie scenerios.

At this time, please do not panick, BREATHE, ground to the planet, find nice things to do, Seek time each day to pray, Look at oneself, the following can help.

  • Understanding freemasonary,  masonary history.
  • Look understand Universal laws, God Commandments, Nature’s Laws.
  • Spiritual cleansing, seeking faith in Jesus, prior to this planets judgements or subsequent judgements as given in book revelations.
  • To save oneself, repent come back to God, and have no other Gods before him.

To understand, Whist over yrs, I felt being psychic medium, to understand why Governments, Said, Article. about microwave Weapons, was used, if not stopped could Be catastrophic consequences now for this planet.

Front of United nations formally united league of nations front of every government not currently serving the people under laws acts governed by their own countries laws, & or associated to the uk corporation to be seen to be causing crime by association.








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