5G Massive rollout, EHS sensitivity

Since 2017 the local authority has chosen to ignore, and Health professionals, Dr Mullins,  Dr Lekker and other doctors under mental health act, our thoughts are fine, 5g is massive concern.  From exposure to Wifi in hospitals in routers on ceilings, on cancer wards, all frequencies beamed at someone, phone causing radiation, to simple strip lights, to extended amounts on TV, or monitors of a computer to phone use can all have impact on our lives and our children.

With cancer rates increasing, flats having Large cell masts, and Tv radio transmitters, these all have a Frequency.


Where I live there is a cell masts which These have been known to be used for commercial, private and military purposes, in the electromagnetic wars, silent weapons can have with people, sensitive to radiation.


I would like us to draw attention to the MPs now, this has been in circulation for number of yrs, and recorded with NHS and local authority what indeed, they class as just thoughts, to our definition of over exposure times, to Voice to skull or neural linking via social media, or Google itself, including facebook and twitter, all us led companies operating in Britain with this technology behind, it, Called mind mapping, or V2k for short.


Dr Barrie Trower, 5g Cell mast, v2k neural networking

EMF conference on EHS sensitivity   

Directed ~Energy weapons 

World wide Targeting

5g technologies and Health impacts

I would like us to draw attention to all NHS legal teams, and local authority, whilst their definition under the acts, 1983 for mental health, They cannot disagree with other doctors findings, on health impact of over exposure long period of times, to this technology and or its long term effects on an individual.


Whilst the act will want reviewing for people with EHS sensitity, if someone is microwaved in their heart, head or organs it will not show up on blood test or Pressure check. Symptoms can range from what Could be classed as someone having Wrong thoughts, but when someone is in pain, anyone thoughts are not positive, Look at people recovering from Cancer, but NHS and local authority have put Wifi all around the heads of customers (the tax payer) to their wording (PATIENT) head and heart and blood Barrier, with the skin Being largest Organ to not Detect low level radiation until over exposed. and it has now been found radiation in phones affects bees, or Rats in lab trials, so What damage is this having on peoples, homes, or environments, in which they live. If you go on train, all you see is masts, go around city some are grey and black some disguised with white Sticks, All this is radiation.

For reference and assistance to anyone Suffered physical, Emotional or mental abuse by a Doctor, nurse or health professional under the laws, and acts itself.

Mental health act 1983

Mental health foundation

Mind charity Useful links

Note, no community nurse can deny Dangers in depression, people go to work depressed and or stay at home, unable to get out of bed, but these kind of symptoms, have become more on the increase.  Whilst people stay in bed or get down when they feel unlistened to.with your patients NHS and local authority you are choosing to ignore, From teens I met myself in hospital, All talking same issues, to older adults, so your customers, ( patients off tax payers money) are not delusional or having irrational thoughts, thoughts can be induced by weaponary. You must now pay attention and people whom classed as disabled, should be regarded by this ” disabled by microwave or EHS sensitity”  and the health of the person physically As well as emotional and mental taken into account.

The law Wants reviewing under the mental health act, what Thoughts, If under free speech, we are advised in NHS our opinion matters. As tax payer, or pregnant person, or elderely should be, and if location or property having serious health impact on a person over length of time.

Plus people are becoming sick unable to work or enjoy life, as much being labelled with wrong thoughts, when its simply Being made disabled by Microwave weapons, or Such technologies, classed as smart.


I would also like to see not only police, cival servants, Doctors and nurses or community nurses wearing Body cams at all times, and We have right to our privacy in our home, under law, and such we have right to use Smart cams, or phones to record any health professional, in denial over health claims, people are becoming sick from EHS sensitivity until we have a sound board of Health professionals all going to know be aware under the act, no one is making it up and our points should not be discounted as Delusional thinking, when other health profesional and science has Done their reports.


May I suggest under mental health act, All community nurses mental health doctors Trust managers, are updated on health implications to over exposure, for lenghts of time, or even been unknowing victim of a microwave weapon.  Symptoms, can be


See from Reuters you placed in hospital, to amount of computers, Strip lights, Or just ill advised Doctors, whom choosing at this stage some to ignore, our Evidence, and other health professionals,  I would like us to chair a meeting with every MP in this region, the NHS trust itself, and mental health Doctors, on wards, and local communities to attend please.  I do not mind chairing a meeting with local councillers to dicuss in community setting or in town hall, for professional purposes.

cell mast

This is both Transmitter & receiver





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